Why rent when you can buy?

  • Not enough deposit saved?
  • Insufficient income to qualify for a mortgage?
  • Able to rent, but unable to obtaining a mortgage?
  • Recent graduate just staring out?
  • Moving together but not ready to buy a house together yet?
  • Worried about buying in the current property market?
  • Likely to be able to get a mortgage in the future?

Register as a 'tenant buyer' with us - rent first, then buy your house later once you can get a mortgage!

As your local property specialists we are helping home buyers to get on the property ladder using a 'rent-to-own' scheme we offer to qualified applicants on selected family properties.

To qualify for this scheme, you need to have a good prospect of obtaining a mortgage in the future, have some savings and employment prospects with your income likely to increase over time to demonstrate that you will be able to fund your house purchase in the future.

Want to register with us as a 'tenant buyer'?

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